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How does ACE CHINESE work differently from other service providers?


What differentiates ACE CHINESE from other service providers is to provide all learners with a FUN, FAST and FRUITFUL (3Fs) learning experience.

I strive for building a fun-filled and positive classroom atmosphere and support the learners’ in achieving their goals in the fastest possible way through effective teaching strategies and a wealth of my teaching skills and experience.

Why do you offer a 1-hour free trial session?


To help a potential tutee make the right decision to choose a best-suited service.


During the free trial, I'll demonstrate my professionalism and unconventional teaching styles, approaches and techniques. I’ll also find out his/her learning pattern and understand the expectations so that I’ll be able to contrive an appropriate progression plan.

How can I track my progress?


I make sure you’re always conscious of where you are.


I carry out assessments on a regular basis and provide opportune and precise comments on your progress and constructively advise how you enhance your strengths and tackle your weaknesses.

How should I allocate my hours of learning?


It's a proven fact learning in a chunk of hours once a week is less productive than 20-30 minutes daily to keep the knowledge refreshed all the time.


So try not overdo it! Do little but as frequently as possible. Learning isn't an overnight project and overstretching yourself may subdue your interest in the target language.

Can I seek support outside the classroom?


Yes, you can ask for assistance and help whenever required. I offer 24/7 assistance and support. Just feel free to drop me an email or text for any questions and problems in the course of your learning.

What's the minimum time of tuition?


The minimum time is 1 hour.30 or 45 minutes' duration is not considered. Tuition location can be flexible, in your place, mine, or alternatively in a public library, etc. all subject to mutual agreement.

How much do you charge for a group of learners?


It depends. I charge £25/hour/person. Please feel free to contact me for a further discussion of your circumstances, e.g. size of groups or individual levels, etc.

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