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More about Me


Back in China, with a master’s degree in English Language, a bachelor’s degree in English Language Education, Teaching Qualification for Higher Education and a Mandarin Proficiency Certificate, I was teaching English as a second language at university in Xi’an city where I came from. I was honoured to be an excellent teacher. 

As a Chinese tutor in the UK, I have supported a large variety of learners in meeting their academic, business, work and personal requirements. Over the years, I have gained oceans of experience and skills in inspiring and encouraging the learners in Chinese and felt profusely proud of those who had achieved top scores in academic exams, dealt confidently with China-based business clients or gained the edge over the rest of the colleagues at work. 

For a few years, I was working in a UK-based international company as translator and Chinese Business Development manager. I have successfully assisted the company in cracking open the Chinese market, set up a Beijing representative office, creatively promoted and monitored the company’s brand in China, negotiated contract deals with Chinese companies and instructed company staff in Chinese business culture and etiquette.

​Based in Southampton, Hampshire, UK, I am interested in writing, travelling, interior design, cooking, and learning to play the piano.

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