I Execute Different Teaching Skills And Techniques To Meet Individual Needs

Each learner is individual and receives and processes knowledge in a unique way, so I execute diverse teaching skills and techniques to different individuals.

To demonstrate my theory, I roughly break learners down into kid and adult ones.

Kids have a fairly narrow attention span but are attracted to games, stories, songs and rhymes, so interacting activities equivalent will be brought into class. Then I’ll be able to let words and sentences flow and sink in more easily and naturally and keep the children fully focused and engaged.

Colourful flashcards are fun and useful. After guidance and demonstration, I encourage the young learners to creatively produce their own phrases and simple sentences. The youngsters enjoy it and do great work.

To keep adult learners motivated and inspired, I encourage and assist them to be the person taking charge of class and support them to take on a multitude of thinking and communicative drills after theoretical information and knowledge are instructed and comprehended.

I intentionally guide the students to manipulate the target language in the way daily activities and familiar surroundings are fully employed as resources of language. It stirs inquisitiveness and the learners yearn to build sentences that portray the moments of their real lives.