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Ni hao! I am Ning. I am a highly imaginative and skilful native-Chinese speaking tutor with excellent teaching abilities demonstrated by 10 years of language teaching experience as a university English teacher in China and a freelance Chinese instructor in the UK.


As a passionate and diligent Chinese language tutor, I love my job very much and am 100% dedicated to assisting tutees in achieving their goals with great satisfaction and enjoyment. 

I massively enjoy helping learners across all age ranges escalate their confidence and an appetite for Chinese language and focusing on strategic and innovative teaching in order for them to reach their fullest potential and hit their targets in the QUICKEST possible time!

What Students Say

“If it wasn’t for Ning and her constant support and patience, I would have probably given up on learning Chinese at university!


I have gone from not being able to string a Chinese sentence together to achieving a 2:1 on my final exam, all in the space of 6 months.


Ning goes above and beyond to ensure that learning material is tailored to individual needs of the student, suiting all abilities.


Her supporting and encouraging nature makes learning much more enjoyable and I highly recommend her to anyone.”​

 - Aishia Diment 

“Ning rekindled my love of learning Chinese and she was friendly and really easy to chat to, and I really enjoyed my lessons with her.


She never made me feel stupid if I found something difficult. She was always really well prepared for my lessons and told me what I needed to do and to bring, and she always had everything that she needed.


She had loads of good ideas to help me learn. She worked really hard to help me do well.

I got an A in my GCSE Chinese after I'd been learning with Ning for only six months; a year later I got 266/300 in HSK3 and 77/100 in HSKK.”

 - Delilah Ferry-Swainson

“Ning is an exceptional tutor, I have made more progress in a few months than I had in years before she took me under her tutorage. She is methodical, yet flexible in her approach providing me with exactly what I need.


There is always additional effort prior and after the lesson to produce specific materials and focus on areas of weakness which results in tangible, and speedy, improvement which excels any expectations I had going in. 


Add to this the fact Ning is very friendly and (importantly in my case) patient, I am finding my lessons an absolute delight!”


 - Christopher Pitt

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